DataScriba - The logging and visualization infrastructure for embedded systems

Turn your current product into a Connected Product with DataScriba!

  • Access remotely to the status of your devices

    from the web and the mobile apps

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Integrate DataScriba device code into your product and start recording the status of your system today. All you need to think about is how do you value the data coming from your products.


  • DataScriba is using the latest security technology to secure the communication between your device and the cloud.
  • Access the historical status of your devices from our web interface or mobile application and manage them directly.
  • We are managing the servers, the databases and even the scaling of the infrastructure for you, so you don't have to.
  • DataScriba is the infrastructure to allow data logging and remote control of embedded systems. It is a complete solution and makes logging easy.
  • Portable solution

    From the ground up, DataScriba has been designed for embedded platforms. Its device footprint is kept to a minimum and can be ported on any platforms that include a TCP/IP stack.

    Secure communication

    DataScriba is using SSL for all communications.

    Optimized protocol

    Lightweight optimized protocol, ideal for use over cellular networks, such as GPRS or 3G.

    Data Management

    An API allows you to access to all your data when you like and manage it your way.


    DataScriba is the perfect framework for different type of applications, such as:

    Home automation

  • electrical consumption
  • security
  • automated device
  • swimming pool
  • Fleet management

  • position monitoring
  • speed limitation
  • fuel consumption
  • Industrial applications

  • remote process monitoring
  • historical performance
  • parameters adjustment
  • More types of applications can be developed using the DataScriba framework. Contact us to let us know how we can help!


    Flexible pricing is available depending on the storage needed for each of your device. Each device package is defined by the total quantity of data being stored, independently of the quantity of fields defined on the device.

    Let's take an example: your device is monitoring a single value of temperature every minute. You wish to have the historic values of the temperature for up to 6 days. In such scenario, the cloud will need to store up to 8640 (60 minutes x 24 hours x 6 days) values... and the Free package is enough for this case!