DataScriba - FAQ
  1. What are the embedded systems supported by DataScriba?

    At this point, we are supporting Windows and Linux systems (x86, ARM9 and ARM11). As the core of the embedded source code is portable, we will be adding support for other platforms in the near future. Contact us about system requests and we will see how can this be arranged.

  2. How can I start using the DataScriba library on my system?

    Please refer to the tutorial video on how to start using DataScriba on your platform. Make sure to contact us to download the demo library.

  3. I don't want to use precompiled libraries, or my system is not currently supported by DataScriba. How to use DataScriba in this case?

    Don't worry: we are currently in beta phase, and wish to avoid breaking the legacy support of older version of our library. This is why only libraries are available at this point. But we are planning to release the message framing used by the device and the web API available for you to retrieve your device data.

  4. I wish to backup my device data elsewhere. How can I extract it from the website?

    A export tool to csv has just been released for this purpose.

  5. Any unanswered questions? Please contact us!