DataScriba - How it works
DataScriba presentation

The DataScriba Cloud Server is the place where you manage your account. You can:
  • add/remove devices
  • change the service type used for each device
  • visualize the data structure of each device and the history of each data field
  • remotely assign a new value to a data field
  • export field values to csv file
  • download resources
  • add credits to your account
  • The DataScriba Device Demo Package, which can be downloaded from your account, includes the device library. This library features:
  • asynchronous mechanisms to minimize the impact on your execution loop
  • optimized protocol to minimize the bandwidth used
  • values only sent on change
  • millisecond timestamping when available on the platform
  • built-in buffering
  • encrypted communication over SSL
  • small footprint - as little as 110k, depending on the development environment
  • The DataScriba Device Demo Package includes the library for Linux (x86, ARM9 and ARM11) and Windows. The package also contains source code examples to help you get started with the integration of DataScriba to your system. The portable source code of the library will be available to purchase for corporate accounts - contact us for more details.

    The DataScriba Field Editor is an Eclipse plugin to help you define the data structure of a device and generate its associated source code. The download section of your account describes how to get it. Make sure to check the tutorial to see the step to create a basic application using this tool.

    The Android and iOS mobile apps is available for you to visualize your account on the go. Consult the section Download of the Dashboard to get it!

    How to get started? Just contact us for an account, define the data structure you wish to monitor and use it in your embedded source code. That's it! There are only 3 API functions to call in order to use DataScriba.